Happy Family Store Reviews – A Real Pharmacy or Not?

The popular pharmaceutical company “Happy Family Store” (or HFS) has a rather controversial reputation. A retail pharmacy sells a variety of pharmaceuticals and prescription medications. Although the website is appealing, the strategy of using stock photographs is problematic since it is frequently used by businesses that lack suitable office space and professional staff. It’s important to thoroughly examine all the aspects of the drugstore, learn the client’s review, and study the company’s legitimacy.

Brand focus

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When studying the information on the “About Us” page, it becomes clear that the pharmacy sells both name-brand and generic medications. The company’s motto and asserted priority is “Family’s Health”, but despite advertising itself as a family pharmacy, its top-selling goods are exclusively for men. The most important of the presented staff is the male supplement for intimacy stimulation.

It is stated that the pharmacy connects customers with the most reliable generic suppliers, but does not provide specific information about them. Also, the names of drug manufacturers are not indicated, and there are no product quality control certificates.

Is Happy Family Store pharmacy Legitimate?

You won’t be able to tell if a pharmacy is legitimate just by visiting its website. If you want to know if the pharmacy is legitimate, you need to examine a variety of data elements. Actually, any large website doesn’t have the HFS in it’s blacklist. But the fact that they assert to have more than a million clients instantly casts doubt on their reliability. There is no publicly available information about the legitimacy of this pharmacy, that’s why most of the users consider HFS as scam.

Also, checking the domain information, it’s seen that the online pharmacy is pretty new on the market, and it can’t have such a large number of customers. This is one more reason why it’s impossible to believe that they are legit. It is also unable to provide any concrete proof to back up its assertions because there is no paper trail. That’s why most of the potential clients who attentively check the information about new drugstores prefer to proceed to more secure pharmacies in order not to be scammed.

What are the Advantages?

In accordance with the available information, the pharmacy has a number of advantages that prove its effective functioning and provision of the necessary drugs to many customers. Among the most obvious advantages is the affordability of medicines. Compared to other online pharmacies, Happy Family Pharmacy’s pricing policy is much lower, which attracts customers and gives them the opportunity to buy the same drugs while saving a significant amount of money.

The company also claims a large range of products available in up to 5000 different positions, including rare ones. It provides drugs in several categories, including: man’s health, herbal supplements, painkillers, dietary products, antibiotics, etc. The pharmacy has a large selection of generic medications in each of these categories. There aren’t many branded medications available. But amount of the generics is higher than other pharmacies can offer. It is said that they work directly with manufacturers, which guarantees not only the authenticity and compliance with quality standards, but also the availability of the presented products. Due to this, the prices of goods are low. But, at the same time, the drug list appears to be copied and pasted from other online stores, as it offers medications for all the apparent illnesses.

In the process of studying the company, another advantage was the convenience of the search for goods. It’s possible to compare several similar drugs from different manufacturers. Additionally, an alphabetical search is available to assist in quickly locating the required drug. A detailed product description provides full information about the product, and you can immediately read the instructions for using this medicine.

According to the reviews, the company also has really fast order assembly. In order not to worry about your order, on our website you can see at what stage it is. In the “Order Status” section, you only need to enter your order number and you will receive information about its status.

Does HFS Online Pharmacy Have an Effective Support System?

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In general, the online pharmacy has a pretty good customer support system. The online chat works great, and you can get the necessary answers pretty soon. But at the same time, the phone support doesn’t work well. The “call back” function doesn’t work properly, and the store’s clients don’t get answers.

But there is one more problem. Most of the available online consultants don’t have the necessary qualifications. The store is not run by pharmacists with appropriate licenses. Those handling your orders and delivering your medication are laypeople who lack the medical training or expertise necessary to assess whether the meds you desire are appropriate for your condition. It means that you can’t fully trust the given information. Since you can’t trust the advice given by the portal’s customer care staff, there isn’t much use in contacting them for support. Prescriptions are not required to be presented by clients. Most of the physicians disapprove of this practice and claim that HFS Canadian pharmacy is illegal and might be some kind of fraud.

HFS Pricing: Why is it so Low?


You won’t be shocked by the cost of medications, as it was mentioned above, they are really low. But is it possible for quality generics? The low pricing system should encourage the potential client to check all the information and assure that the necessary drugs are real. Counterfeit medicines always cost less than quality generics or brand name products. Also, the pharmacy promises the cheapest prices in the world, but in fact they are competitive. Particularly when you take into account the numerous pharmacies that sell generic medications.

Of course, there are some facts that can legally reduce the drug price, such as direct supplies from manufacturers, when the company has a wholesale pharmaceutical license. One more fact is the low markup due to the high turnover. One more important point is the maximum discounts from distributors, due to the large volume of purchased goods and centralized delivery. But there is no concrete information indicating that HFS uses all of the above bonuses to reduce the price. That’s why many of the buyers claim that this pharmacy is a scam.

Happy Family Store regularly has special discounts and a coupon system that promises to reduce your spending. But, in fact, everything looks really suspicious. The pharmacy has a sale that can get you a discount of 70 percent. It is said that the sale is limited to this month, but it seems that the company has advertised this discount every month from the beginning of its existence.

As for the coupon system, it’s important to mention that there is no available information on the website about valid coupons. But the buyers state that it’s possible to get a discount via the support system or find it online.

Client Reviews

The reviews of HFS differ greatly. Some of the testimonials are pretty vague and there is no actual information about the service or the quality of the products. Usually, users note that they look for the discount themselves, using external websites.

“I did a search and I’ve found a great alternative. If you’re curious, just google-search for ‘TOPA2GET’ to find it with promocode.” — says Blanche H.

Some clients note, that they get discounts if they use the HFS service a couple of times and place several orders: “Work with them, they do offer discounts for customers, especially repeat ones.”

If to check all the positive reviews, you may notice one common thing. All of the buyers say nearly the same things, which makes them appear suspicious.

“I have placed orders several times with HFS over the past few years and have experienced outstanding service and quality every time. “

“I have been buying prescription drugs on-line for 20 years. My experience with Happy Family is the best experience I’ve had, based on my 3 orders.”

clients say that they have used HFS online for a long time, but the domain of the website shows that this is a rather new company.

It means that the owners of the company regularly create new websites. All other positive reviews note that the service is great and it has fast shipping. Also, most of the reviews show that the online support system is really great and ready to answer all the questions: “Quality products, excellent customer service with good communication, fast shipping, really take pride in keeping their customers happy.”

Analyzing negative feedback (more than 50% of all reviews), it is said that HFS never sends the necessary pills, and just steals money:

“I placed an order month and nothing has came.”

“No order arrived and all live chat/call back Facilities are closed.”

“They billed my credit card for over $100 and never delivered anything”.

My conclusions

It is difficult to say whether this pharmacy is really deceiving people, it has a large number of both positive and negative reviews. A large number of available medicines and an established support system declare the legitimacy and quality of the functioning of this company. But the absence of any supporting documents and certificates raises doubts. Before placing an order at this online pharmacy, you should weigh all the pros and cons and make a decision.

The review by Stephen Martin, PHD

Dr. Martin obtained his Bachelor of Science and Master of Public Health degrees from Tulane University, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Michigan. He is an esteemed member of various professional organizations, such as the American College of Epidemiology, American Public Health Association, Society for Epidemiologic Research, Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists, as well as the Scientific Committee of the Cook County Bureau of Health Services.

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