Our History: Pioneering Accessible Healthcare

The story of Happy Family Store begins in Chicago. In 2018, this pharmacy opened its doors to the public, driven by an ambitious and noble goal to make high-quality medications cheaper and more accessible to families. Since day one, they have been on a mission to remove any obstacles that could prevent people from accessing vital treatments and ensure everyone can get the help and assistance they need without overspending their family budget.

During their first year in the business, the pharmacy worked hard establishing relationships with trustworthy suppliers, vetting local and international distributors and manufacturers, and sourcing top-notch medications at the price that would agree with their customers. By the end of 2019, Happy Family Store could offer its visitors a generous selection of pharmaceutical products across as many as 20 unique health categories.

The year 2020 brought with it the challenges no one had expected – the global pandemic. After COVID-19 struck, forcing everyone into lockdown, Happy Family Store took it upon itself to deliver its medicines to customers for free to make sure people could obtain what they needed quickly and safely and also to further reduce the financial burden on families at such a hard time.

A year later, Happy Family Store decided it wanted to do even more for people who trust it with their healthcare needs, which is why it introduced a new option called ‘Order Insurance.’ The new service is designed to help pharmacy customers shop confidently, knowing that their purchase is insured against damage or loss and will arrive at its destination safely and securely.

2021 was also the year when the pharmacy began providing medication management services, helping customers manage their prescriptions and dosages more effectively. This new offering includes a variety of options, from simply providing information about medications and advising on available generic alternatives to reminding customers when it is time to refill the prescription and even arranging for automatic shipping of prescription refills.

The next major improvement in the pharmacy’s operations came in 2022 when Happy Family Store began working on making the customer experience better by offering more personalized services and medical equipment for home use. Today, the pharmacy has a full-fledged support team available through online chat, phone calls, and email. Thanks to it, customers can receive knowledgeable advice and answers to their questions at any convenient time.

From the day it welcomed its first customer to this very moment, Happy Family Store continues to be everyone’s trusted healthcare partner, making people’s journey to a healthier life easy and smooth.