Company Achievements

From the very first day in the business of selling medications, Happy Family Store has worked hard to be one of the leaders in the U.S. online pharmaceutical industry. Its principal mission is a simple but very important one – to make high-quality medicines more accessible to families and ensure everyone can obtain top-notch pharmaceutical care without breaking the bank.

The pharmacy stocks an ever-expanding assortment of brand-name drugs, medications by generic manufacturers, and diverse OTC products spanning 20+ unique healthcare categories. From mental health and immune function fitness to sexual wellness and digestive tract support – HFS has a safe, effective, and budget-friendly solution to help with every health concern.

Throughout 2021/22, Happy Family Store introduced a bunch of new services designed to improve the medication-shopping experience for customers and make the pharmacy an even more helpful and friendly place. began offering the Medication Synchronization service to make managing multiple repeat prescriptions less of a hassle for customers. The Med Sync service has proved to be very effective in helping chronic patients follow their dosage regimens more thoroughly and avoid unwanted drug overlaps.

Additionally, the pharmacy introduced Custom Compounding and Home Medical Equipment services to address their customers’ healthcare needs at a more personalized level. Custom compounding is there to help people who fail to benefit from taking ready-made solutions or those who cannot find their medications available commercially.

Another significant accomplishment for the pharmacy was the introduction of the Pill Packaging service at the end of 2022. This most recent Happy Family Store offering allows customers to have their medications conveniently organized, neatly packaged, and clearly labeled, thus making it easier to manage their daily doses of prescriptions.