Company Overview


Established in 2018, Happy Family Store has grown to become one of the leading providers of pharmaceutical services in the country. Our primary goal is to ensure easy access to high-quality healthcare for all individuals. Through our extensive network of services, we cater to the diverse needs of our population.

Expanding Access through Online Services

Recognizing the challenges posed by geographical distance, we have embraced the power of technology to bring healthcare closer to those in need. Our online platform provides a convenient and accessible way for millions of people to obtain the medications they require, ensuring a seamless experience.

Comprehensive Healthcare Offerings

Happy Family Pharmacy offer a comprehensive range of healthcare services. From preventive care to primary care and specialized treatments, we prioritize the well-being of our customers. Our aim is to meet their diverse healthcare needs effectively and efficiently.

Collaborations for Enhanced Care

We understand the importance of collaboration in creating a more integrated healthcare network. To this end, we have established strategic partnerships with various healthcare providers. By working with public and private hospitals, community health centers, and government agencies, we enhance our capacity to provide primary care, specialty services, and support for underserved populations. Collaborating with esteemed institutions such as Bethany Hospital, Jackson Park Hospital, Northwest Community Hospital, Rush Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center, Saint Anthony Hospital, Saint Elizabeth Hospital, Saint James Hospital, Thorek Hospital, and others, we strive to fulfill our mission of delivering high-quality care.

Embracing Innovation and Continuous Improvement

Happy Family Store committed to embracing innovation and continuously improving our services. We utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure seamless and secure transactions, reliable delivery of medications, and efficient customer support. With a dedicated team of healthcare professionals, pharmacists, and support staff, we consistently exceed customer expectations and provide a seamless healthcare experience for all our clients.