Guide To Services

The specialization of Happy Family Store extends beyond just providing the local community with access to safe, effective, and inexpensive prescription and over-the-counter medications. Aspiring to meet a wide range of healthcare needs within the local community, Happy Family Store combines the role of a traditional pharmacy and a custom compounding facility, a mail service drugstore, and a hub for expert advice on the safe and effective use of medicines.

Happy Family Store is where every customer can take advantage of a comprehensive selection of additional services designed to make their life easier and their healthcare more accessible. Some of the most popular services are covered in more detail below.

Medication Synchronization Service

This service is designed to benefit patients with several chronic health conditions who must take multiple prescriptions daily. If filled at different times during a month, these prescriptions create a mess of a schedule to adhere to and force patients to undertake repeated visits to a pharmacy. With Happy Family Store’s Medication Synchronization service, all chronic meds are synced automatically and are ready for pickup or delivery at the same time and day.

Mail Delivery Service

With Happy Family’s fast and reliable mail delivery service, customers can receive their medications directly to their doorstep. There is no need to waste time and effort visiting the physical store in person – the ordered drugs are delivered to the patient at a convenient time safely and securely.

Custom Compounding Service

Sometimes, standardized doses and prepacked formats fail to do the trick. By offering personalized compounding services in close collaboration with the customer’s healthcare provider, Happy Family Store ensures everyone can receive the help they need in the form that benefits them best.

Home Medical Equipment Service

Happy Family Store offers a wide range of top-quality home medical equipment at competitive prices. This unique service includes the delivery and professional setting up of such equipment, as well as detailed user instruction and follow-up support. The assortment of home healthcare equipment available at the pharmacy includes mobility supports, home monitoring systems, respiratory and oxygen therapy devices, and more.

Pill Packaging Service

Those enrolled in this service will benefit from having their pills for each dose placed into individual packets, well-organized and equipped with clear labels containing the drug’s name, dosage, date and time, administration instructions, etc.