Centers of Excellence

In Happy Family Store, we’ve established a series of Centers of Excellence, each dedicated to a specific area of healthcare, mirroring the comprehensive approach typically seen in larger medical institutions but tailored to the unique environment and capabilities of a pharmacy setting.

Maternal and Infant Wellness Center

Our Maternal and Infant Wellness Center was launched to provide a holistic system of care for expectant mothers and their newborns, aiming for safe deliveries and healthy beginnings. Through expanding access to maternity and specialized prenatal care, we offer a variety of care and delivery options. These are thoughtfully designed around the individual’s location, medical history, and social needs, especially focusing on serving economically disadvantaged communities and those in previously underserved areas. Our approach empowers women with choices for their care providers, including obstetricians, family physicians, or midwives, ensuring every woman, regardless of her pregnancy risk level, receives personalized and compassionate care.

Medical Education Hub

Our partnership with local medical colleges has transformed our pharmacies into hubs of medical education, where innovative training programs offer a unique scope of experience to medical residents and students. These collaborations have not only enhanced the educational opportunities but have also broadened access to specialized healthcare services, making advanced care more accessible to the community we serve.

Research and Innovation Lab

The establishment of our Research and Innovation Lab underscores our commitment to advancing healthcare through research. This initiative supports grant development and fosters research aimed at improving patient care and the healthcare delivery system. Our focus extends beyond clinical and basic research to include social medical research and studies aimed at enhancing healthcare services, from addressing the environmental factors affecting health to innovating patient care and disease management strategies.