Where to Buy Stromectol (Ivermectin): Available Options and Prices

Stromectol pills (the active ingredient ― Ivermectin) are a number-one drug for an extensive range of infections caused by parasites: onchocerciasis, ascariasis, lymphatic filariasis, strongyloidiasis, trichuriasis. Due to its effectiveness, it is approved both by FDA and by medical authorities in other countries.

The biggest problem with this medication is related to high prices at drugstores in the USA and many other countries. Below, we will discuss where to get this medication at the cheapest price.

Buying Stromectol at a Local Pharmacy

When a patient gets a prescription for some kind of medication, the first idea crossing his mind is to go and buy it at the nearest pharmacy. Sure, that is the simplest solution. But the question is: “Is this the best choice?”.


  1. No delays. You will receive your medications right away.
  2. Many clients choose this option due to habits in the first place.


  1. Unreasonably high prices. For example, if you live in the USA, 1 pack of brand-name Stromectol 3 mg including 8 tablets will cost you $45–55 (depending on the outlet chosen). Thus, the price of 1 tablet will reach about $5,60–6,90. And if you choose a bigger pack, for example, a 20-pill one, it will cost you $110–143 ― $5,50–7,15 per tablet. Certainly, you can also opt for generic Ivermectin ― it contains the same active substance and works identically, but costs cheaper. Namely, in the USA, an 8-tablet pack of generic Ivermectin 3 mg will cost you $40–60, which means $5–7,50 per tablet. In the case of a 20-tablet pack, the price will be $93–177 ― $4,65–8,85 per pill. The final price will depend on which pharmacies are available to you. No guarantee that you will manage to get the pills at the cheapest price mentioned.
  2. Lack of privacy. When you visit any pharmacy, you always risk meeting some of your neighbors or colleagues there. No doubt, no one wants his acquaintances to learn about him buying antiparasitic medications. In practice, even if one does not know anyone from the line, discussing such treatments in public may be quite embarrassing.
  3. Time-consuming. As a rule, when one comes to an offline drugstore, there is a line. So, one has to wait for about 10–15 minutes at a minimum (in case the facility chosen is not so popular). Besides, many customers prefer to check and compare prices at several outlets to find the cheapest variant, which also requires much time and effort.
  4. Limited opening hours. You will have to adjust to the business hours of the pharmacy chosen. If you work long hours, you will have to turn to your boss and ask him to let you leave earlier. Sure, that may give rise to unnecessary questions.

Where to Order Ivermectin (Stromectol) Online

Brand Name Stromectol
Generic Name Ivermectin / Ivermec / Iverjohn
Drugs Class Antiparasitic
General Doses 3mg, 6mg, 12mg
Indications Ivermectin is indicated for the treatment of the parasitic infections
Lowest Prices $1.43 (Generic), $7.52 (Brand)
Where to Buy Cheap Online? Canadian Pharmacy, Amazon, US Drugstore

Do you buy anything online? Maybe clothes or cosmetics? So why not try purchasing medications over the Internet? At first glance, to some customers, that may seem risky or inconvenient, but those are just prejudices. Read on, and you will see that this method is the best choice in almost any situation.


  • Much more affordable prices. Many customers have heard that buying meds online is cheaper. But, in practice, not so many people have a clear idea of price differences. We recommend you turn to an online drugstore based in Canada since, in this country, drug prices are regulated by the government and are up to 50% lower than in the USA. For example, at Bioblast pharma, you can order an 8-pill pack of generic Stromectol 3 mg for $37.99 ― $4.78 per tablet. And a 20-pill pack will cost you $82.99 ― $4.14 per tablet. That price will be offered to you regardless of your place of residence. More to the point, for your next order, you will get a 10% discount. For more information visit page: https://bioblastpharma.com/product/ivermectin-generic.
  • You do not need to spend any extra effort ― you can choose the drugs needed and order them right from your PC or smartphone. Besides, for your convenience, Bioblast Pharma offers trackable courier services in addition to standard airmail shipping. So, you can receive your package at any convenient place ― for example, at your home or office. And the waiting period will also be minimal. For example, if you order to the USA, your parcel will arrive in 1–3 days.
  • No other people listening to your discussion with a pharmacist ― if needed, you can get a consultation via a chat or email on an anonymous basis.
  • 24/7 availability. You can place an order or contact a pharmacist at any moment ― even late at night after work or on holidays.


  • Delivery time. Again, in the case of courier services, you will receive your package rather quickly ― within a couple of days, while standard shipping via airmail may take up to 30 days (depending on your country of residence). It is up to you to choose.
  • Difficulties with finding a reliable website. Obviously, there are many online sources that distribute counterfeit or low-quality drugs. However, if you turn to Bioblast Pharma, you will avoid any risks related to quality problems. This company is officially certified and offers products, which are as high-quality as at any offline drugstore in Canada.

FAQ about Buying Stromectol from an Online Services

  • Can I order Stromectol from an online Canadian pharmacy to the USA?

According to the rules, you are allowed to import it only for personal use. In most cases, customers do not face any problems with customs authorities in such situations. But you should not order more than a 90-day supply per time.

  • Can I buy Stromectol on the Internet without a prescription?

The right answer is no. Although there are online sources that offer prescription medications without any documents from a doctor, you had better avoid them. A prescription is a guarantee of your safety, not just some kind of bureaucratic difficulty. When a pharmacy takes care of its customers’ health, it will never provide this medication without a relevant prescription. The only person who can decide whether this drug is safe and beneficial for your health is your doctor.

  • Should I buy brand Stromectol or generic Ivermectin?

There is no difference to your health and safety, but there is a significant difference to your budget. As we have noted above generic Ivermectin is significantly cheaper, especially if you order it from Canada.

  • Is it safe to order Stromectol from Canada?

There are no risks. Canadian drugstores distribute meds that are equal in quality to those available in the USA. More to the point, US authorities are currently considering drug importation from Canada as a safe solution to the problem of unbearably high prices at US pharmacies.