Provident Hospital of Cook County

Having earned its place in American healthcare history when it opened in 1891, Provident Hospital began a new chapter when the now-modern facility reopened in 1993
as part of the Cook County Bureau of Health Services. Provident Hospital plays a vital role as a provider of inpatient and outpatient healthcare services on the South Side of Chicago. As a full-service hospital, it meets community healthcare needs including primary,
specialized, emergency, same-day surgery, maternity, family practice, geriatric and critical care services. Provident Hospital’s emergency room is the third busiest in the city, serving more than 50,000 persons a year.
Deeply committed to prevention, Provident staff and volunteers work with community residents to promote good health and wellñess. Through health fairs, a speakers bureau, support groups, educational programs and other activities, Provident is a catalyst for improving the health status of communities throughout the South Side of Chicago. The hospital is home to three clinics operated by the Ambulatory and Community Health Network.