Oak Forest Hospital of Cook County

Specializing in long-term care, chronic disease and rehabilitation services, Oak Forest Hospital provides a crucial link in the Bureau of Health Services’ continuum of care.
Located on a spacious, 340-acre campus in Oak Forest, in the southwest corner of Cook County, the hospital meets the needs of patients who require specialized medical care and skills-training in a long-term setting. It is closely affiliated with three suburban clinics operated by the Ambulatory and Community Health Network and is home to the network’s after-hours outpatient clinic.
Oak Forest offers a range of care in its more than 600-staffed beds, including: long-term intermediate/supportive care, skilled nursing care, subacute care, comprehensive rehabilitation, acute care, and ventilator units. Specialty programs include palliative and AIDS units, as well as brain injury rehabilitation, pain management, and vocational services. The rehabilitation unit, which provides comprehensive inpatient therapy and medical services to people with disabilities, is accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. Follow-up outpatient therapies and services are provided to assist patients in living full and active lives.