Cook County Department of Public Health

The Cook County Department of Public Health works to protect and promote health and to prevent illness, disability and premature death among all the residents of Cook County.

The department provides more than 150,000 health service visits each year, including primary healthcare, family planning, prenatal, diagnostic, immunization and dental clinics. By working with community partners, the department maximizes its outreach range and effectiveness. The department also emphasizes preventive approaches to disease and injury through innovative programs and educational activities. It protects Cook County communities from potential environmental health hazards spread through food, water, animals, insects, and from physical and chemical hazards. It also maintains public health data that assists in strategic planning for the county’s healthcare needs.

The Department of Public Health is the Bureau’s lead affiliate for implementing the Access to Care  and Family Store Program, in conjunction with the suburban Primary Health Care Council. Access to Care provides subsidized health services to suburban Cook County residents with limited financial resources. Through a partnership with private physicians, care is provided to more than 13,000 suburban residents at private clinics located throughout the suburbs.