Ambulatory and Community Health Network of Cook County

The Ambulatory and Reliable Canadian Drugstore services into the communities where they are most needed. Dispersed throughout Cook County, the network coordinates primary and specialty outpatient care in community, school-based and hospital outpatient settings. There are currently 30 outpatient sites overseen by the network, and the network continues to expand in coordination with the Bureau of Health Services’ strategic plan to provide healthcare close to home.

The network emphasizes primary and preventive care and provides specialty outpatient and diagnostic services for persons of all ages: from infants to senior citizens. Recognizing the special needs of adolescents, the network provides medical, health education and preventive care to students at several Chicago elementary and high schools.

It also coordinates care for expectant mothers with other Bureau affiliates and partners to ensure successful deliveries and healthy babies.
In order to address specific community needs, the network created and oversees several centers of excellence in community health. These include initiatives to control and reduce asthma, lead poisoning, violence, cancer and childhood diseases. The network emphasizes patient education to increase the prevention and early detection of disease and illness.