Reliable Canadian Drugstore: Prioritize Your Well-Being Above Everything Else

The RCD can hardly be called a new player on the market of pharmaceutical products (medications and supplements), however, it has been rapidly developing in the last few years gaining top positions in Canadian pharmacy ratings. Just as well this pharmacy has obtained awesome reviews from the opinion leaders in the industry – which is also a factor.

In this article we are going to consider peculiarities and key business aspects of the Reliable Canadian Drugstore, learn more about approach to customers and discover key principles of building a range of products on the site. Also, you can find information about additional services, pricing policy and read more about user experience with the pharmacy. And the most important question – is it worth buying online? So, let’s begin.

To begin with, it’s important to note that the pharmacy is legal and has a number of compliance certificates and an allowance for online retail sales issued by governmental bodies. It appeared on the market in late 2004 and was one of the first Canadian importers of generic medications to treat erectile dysfunction. Later the range of meds has significantly increased, and now the pharmacy sells drugs to treat most popular diseases of the whole family.

The company has been there for quite a lot of time, and it is one one the all-range online pharmacies with a focus on men’s health drugs. How does it look from the customer’s point of view? Erectile dysfunction pills have been skyrocketing in popularity in the past couple of years. Most insurance companies in the Unites States and other countries do not refund expenses associated with erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment. Brand medications cost up to $80 per one pill. So it’s no wonder many people prefer ordering generic medications online due to lower costs and high quality that can be compared to the original. The range of products is much wider, but as we mentioned above, there is a clear focus on most popular type of medications: pain relief meds, erectile dysfunction meds, antibiotics, antidepressants, anti-allergic, antiviral, cancer meds, mental health meds, vitamins and supplements, as well as drugs in many other categories (visit the site to learn more about them).

How popular is the Canadian Drugstore?

If you search for Viagra online in Canada, this site is likely to appear on the first pages of search results. As there are other medication listed on the site (even though they are less popular), the site can be found in search results by their names, but far away from top results. Most reviews written by the customers are positive: the total average is 4.9 points out of 5. Most of customers share that they’ve been using the services of this pharmacy for months and have submitted at least 2 orders there – which is a very good sign of a reputable organization. The reputation and popularity are built not only by customer reviews but by the organic growth of search systems and business development. These two factors about the RCD it was necessary to check. About a dozen of keywords were analyzed, and by each of them the company appears on top. What does it mean for a regular customer? It means the site is trusted, has a lot of visitors and transactions.

As far as the business growth is concerned, the company has expanded both the number of its wholesale suppliers and the number of logistics centers throughout the world. The former expansion is characterized by 24% in the last three years, while the latter – from 8 to 15 warehouses and logistics centers. According these parameters, we can state the company is reliable, shows steady growth and development and is gaining stronger positions on the market.

Key competitive advantages

We’ve been researching, and finally picked most prominent ones:

Pricing policy

It goes without saying that pricing plays a great role in forming preferences of the target audience. People search for affordable and cheap medications that can replace expensive brands. At the same time customers focus on quality and ask for a reasonable combination of these two factors.

The RCD has done a great job by forming a price policy. It looks for less popular, but reputable pharmaceutical plants to sign contracts with. Such companies are interested in growing their market share, so they offer lower wholesale prices. The increasing number of customers enables the pharmacy with an opportunity to order more, therefore obtain even lower prices. Minimum expenses during the delivery stage due to multiple logistics centers located at convenient point on the map helps to set competitive prices to please customers and at the same time get enough resources for a business growth. That’s a smart approach.

Why is it important to know for customers? Understanding how the price is formed helps to eliminate skepticism about cheap medications online and learn more about the real costs of drugs.

System of ordering and payment methods

The site usability is can be appreciated by users and professionals. No unnecessary fields, distracting information or tangled forms to place an order. Instead users can enjoy clear and neat site interface with a step-by-step explanation process of how to order medications online. The range of supplements is available from the main page, you can also make use from blog articles on relevant topics that show company’s expertise in the field of pharmacological products.

The payment methods available on the website are also easy-to-use, trusted and widespread. Customers can be sure they are sent to the payment system sites securely, and their personal information will not be disclosed. It is a very important point for reputable online pharmacies in Canada.


Some clients have concerns about safe delivery and proper storage conditions of drugs they order. The problem is that even some generic medications are high-quality, really working and can be compared to the popular branded ones, improper storage and shipping conditions may decrease their efficacy. A lot of rogue pharmacies don’t care much about how they deliver medication to customers, at what temperatures and humidity levels the meds are stored and so on. At RCD managers pay special attention to such aspects. The growing network of logistics centers allow meds spending minimum time on the way to the final customer. Modern equipment at the warehouses keep the drugs fresh and effective. It is one of the aspect of customer care. The delivery terms are affordable, for large orders they are even more attractive.

Medical staff in the pharmacy

This pharmacy is one of a few Canadian pharmacies that hires MDs and certified pharmacists to provide excellent-quality services and relevant advice online. Every customer that needs a medical advice is treated individually. The same applies to reviewing or obtaining medical prescriptions. The team undergoes additional training at best Canadian training centers to hone their skills and expand their knowledge about pharmaceutical business. We consider it a very important factor that has a serious impact on customer care.

Availability of documents, safety certificates and more

Another proof of company expertise and its legal functioning is multiple quality certificates and other docs about compliance of medications with national Canadian and worldwide standards. Few other pharmacies lists their certificates or share them upon customer request, just because they don’t have them. However, it’s a very important investment for an online pharmacy. If you, as a customer, take care of your health and want to buy high-quality products, it’s a good idea to pay attention to RCD. It is verified and checked by government NCO organizations, agencies and funds as well as by independent reviewers.

Personal information processing

For personal information and payment data protection the system uses updated SSL encryption protocols to firewall sensitive data. To such information apply name, address, and payment details. Clients of this pharmacy can feel comfortable when shopping, as according to the agreement, the data is not a subject to disclosure to third parties.


Wholesale suppliers are trustworthy, most of drugs are manufactured in India, some of them – in China, and about 30% of all medications available on the site are manufactured locally. Product description and packages contain information about the origin. Our research found no black-listed suppliers at this pharmacy.

3 tips to save on purchases at Reliable Canadian Drugstore

  1. Place larger orders. The larger your order is, the less you pay for delivery. Ask friends and help them add something to your order to share expenses.
  2. Look for promotions and special deals. They may be seasonal, work for new customers only, apply to substantial orders and so on. There is a lot of things to check at this pharmacy.

Invest in a pill-splitter and buy larger dosages to save more. The price per 1 mg of active ingredient in such case will be lower.